I’m Camille. I’m a parent, (home)maker, and researcher. This is a place to note and probe mundane things: dinner, music, craft; being a person in the world, living amongst others. This is also a place to highlight the great work of other people: empathetic writers, expert makers, tireless researchers, wonderful humans sharing their labor. So, I consider this something of a personal archive and library: a place to collect my own ephemera and resources I have found valuable.

I have a piece of paper that says I’m a master librarian, or something along those lines, but I’ve never worked in a library. For more than a decade I helped Kevin Kelly make books, participating in the entire lifecycle of publishing production on both major titles and more personal labors of love. The meat of that tenure consisted largely of what I’ll call deep secondary research. If you’re curious about any of that work, you can see some of it at my Extrapolations research blog. When I started converting some of Kevin’s titles into ebooks, I blogged about it at Screen Publishing (now woefully out of date!). In a previous life, I processed archival donations at The Ogden Museum of Southern Art, in New Orleans. Most recently, I have been a full-time parent to two young kids, an on-going project I manage in partnership.

Attention is a valuable resource, so I’m making note of how I spend it. Thank you for spending some of yours with me. 

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